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Hi, Atharv here!

About Me

Stories, Systems and Spirituality

Stories in any form fascinate me a lot! Mythology, history, fiction, non-fiction, crime, horror,  and even gossips-- I love to hear them all. It's my belief that a story is always marked by the biases and perspectives of the narrator (else it's just facts 😂). Apart from the content, its different people's perspectives on the same event that pique my curiosity the most.


One other thing that makes me curious is systems. It's very interesting to analyze a system and get know its functioning, interaction among its components and most importantly its design philosophy and tradeoffs. Its my belief that systems on some level mimic human society with multiple individual components working together to achieve a common goal.

Covid-19 outbreak created an atmosphere of fear, anxiousness and confusion throughout the world. It was the perfect incentive to go on a spiritual journey with Indian yogi Sadguru acting as a gateway. His videos on Youtube taught me a lot about finding my inner self, understanding myself and eventually forming my core set of principles. I think in a world full of confusion finding your own self becomes essential and that's what spirituality is about!

My Journey So Far


Dwarkadas J Sanghvi College of Engineering (DJSCE)

Started my undergraduate studies in Electronics and Telecommunication at DJSCE


My first research paper in Computer Vision

Collaborated with my college professor to develop an image processing based algorithm for measuring the co-ordinates of ATV car's suspension points. We collated our work and results in a research paper 

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